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Rockwell Elementary Physical Education instructor, Joey Holston, worked with 30 students during the week of June 16 as they learned fundamentals of several sports and recreational activities.  The third - sixth grade students learned basics in basketball, archery, lacrosse, and golf.  They also learned how to use a rod and reel and "cast a line." The camp lasted from 9:00 - 12:00 each day with breaks for refreshments.  The activities Holston directed were among the favorites students enjoy during the course of the school year.  Holston, along with veteran teacher Patty Etheridge, are constantly searching for new approaches to teaching physical education and fitness. In the past two years Etheridge and Holston have overseen the addition of a four lane track on the school grounds along with an extensive Rock Climbing Wall.  Fitness is the key focus of current physical education programs, according to Holston. "However, we like to combine physical fitness, sports, recreation, and opportunities for free play.  Physical fitness is important, but we like to give kids the chance to play and have fun as well."